We Believe in Yes

Since 2012, Wonderful Collective has been blazing trails and white-knuckling the reins across the new digital wilderness. We bleed, we cheer, we run like hell toward the dark.

Matt Knox

CEO & Co-Founder

Johnnie Munger

CTO & Co-Founder

Isaac Naor

Chief Futurist

Vincent Toscano

Manager of Innovation Team

Cecile Gutierrez

Project Manager

Jamie Marzouk

Client Success Manager

Brian Davila

iOS Engineer

Brandon Clair

Backend Engineer

Josh Benedikt

Sr. Visual Designer

Leanne Springthorpe

Full Stack Engineer

Sam Chami

Full Stack Engineer

Yuriy Goruachev

Full Stack Engineer

Bryan Holbrook

Front End Engineer

Ideas, Optimism, and a lot of grit This is Our Story

We take pride in our journey. We've had our share of successes, of failures, of blazing trails, and of white-knuckling our way from one crazy idea to the next.

The early years

In 2007, long before Wonderful Collective, Matt and Johnnie partnered up on their own digital startups with little more than optimism and a gritty spirit. The learning curve was steep, the nights were long, but with every tough stretch came growth and reward. Still, the economy was struggling, and the brothers soon sought a strategy to avoid losing control of their ideas through expensive investment rounds.

A wild leap of faith

In 2012, they decided to stake their futures on their own skills. They moved Matt's kitchen table into his garage, spent their last $30 on a string of decorative lights and a year’s supply of mac n’ cheese, and started Wonderful Collective as a way of generating revenue to power their own startups.

Our growth spurt

Things started to move fast. In 2013, Wonderful began working on projects with the likes of EA SPORTS, Pepsi, Doritos, and others. Between 2014 and 2015, the company moved the kitchen table into its first humble office, tripled the size of its team, and began forming a culture. Partners like the founders of Airmap brought their unique ideas, and our team brought them to life. We began to thrive on developing the unknown.

Into the future

Years later, we still gather daily around the same kitchen table that used to sit in Matt's garage to dream up crazy ideas. Our small team makes waves big enough that powerful industry leaders, hopeful entrepreneurs, and creative free-thinkers regularly seek our expertise in making the impossible, possible. Wonderful's culture of quality, innovation, futurism, and accountability truly precedes itself.